Start with google crash course

17 Dec

During the past three days I have experienced something I have never passed through since ages. It was “start with google” crash course event. For a life time I heard about success stories in the IT business, but never really came across direct communication with any of them. In this event; Google, SAS, and Innoventures, have mixed together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business owners.

The result was magical; there was this spirit of motivation and success.  I have met many successful people out there; all of them were hard workers, and determinant to success.  But if I wanted to mention what I have really learned from this event I can say that “Startup success is not about ideas, it’s about the team implementing them”.  I know that there are other factors that can make the startup successful, but if you look deeply you will find that they are just by-products of a successful collaborative team. Also I have learned that Ideas are only worth the papers that they were written on them, the big deal is about making them a reality.  It would take several articles to summarize all the lessons I have learned, so I have decided that for now I will just list the five questions a start-up needs to answer to be successful. These tips were mentioned right before the event’s closing session.

TIP 1: Where is the problem you are trying to solve for your customer?

TIP 2: What is the market? How big it is? Is it scalable or not?

TIP 3: What are you going to do to solve the customer problem?

TIP 4: How competent your team is? Can the team complete the project on time with the required quality?

TIP 5: How much money do you want to start? How much money your business is going to return?


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